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Chris is a Former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as Former President for Infragard Indiana Members Alliance (an FBI program that links the public and private sector to be able to share information regarding matters such as cyber crime counterintelligence and counterterrorism).  He currently works in the field of Cybersecurity for Fortune 1000 companies.  Throughout his tenure with the FBI, Chris served as the Private Sector Coordinator, Assistant Crisis Management Coordinator, and a Cyber Crime Task Force Investigator. Chris was the liaison between the FBI Indianapolis and organizations such as the Northwest Indiana Information Sharing Security Alliance (NIISA), and the private sector's critical infrastructures for the State of Indiana. Chris is also currently an advisor and member of the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity.

Chris has also aided in the formation of key projects for the State of Indiana such as: The State of Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity, Crit-Ex, The Annual Indiana Healthcare Cybersecurity Summit, and The Cybersecurity Symposium (Cybersecurity, Physical Security, and Cyber Law).

Chris has served as an Army Officer in the United States Army Reserves and Indiana Army National Guard.  He has further served in the United States Navy prior to college. His experience includes being a Licensed Stockbroker, Private Banker, and Chef to name a few.

Chris has keynoted Conferences at Universities, Fortune 500 Companies, as well as Security Conferences. He has recently been contributing as a Subject Matter Expert for national publications and novels.